Lean For Micro

This funding programme is operated by LEO and is similar to the EI LeanStart programme from Enterprise Ireland. It is a great starting point for those looking to introduce Lean thinking and Lean methodology into their organisation.

EI LeanStart

If you are thinking on introducing Lean thinking and Lean methodology into your organisation then this is a great place to start. You get the chance to engage with a highly skilled Lean provider who works with you and guides you on the basics of Lean and takes you on the journey of delivering a short internal Lean process/project improvement.

EI LeanPlus

This programme is usually but not essentially the next step up from a Lean Start initiative. It involves the delivery of a ‘medium’ size improvement project that looks to deliver specific improvements. As it is a medium size these projects usually take 6-9 months to complete.

EI LeanTransform

LeanTransform is essentially an organisation wide programme that delivers all of the Lean tools and techniques across the whole organisation. As the name suggest being large scale these programmes typically take between 12-24 months to come to fruition.