Lean Yellow Belt

Duration: 2 days or 4 x ½ days

This programme will be delivered over an agreed period of time by way of 2 day’s training.

Who is this for?

Yellow belt is the next step up from white belt and is ideal for those people who want to know more and build upon the basics of Lean Sigma. Yellow belts are actively involved in structured problem solving and root cause analysis and as such often play a leading role in process/project improvement initiatives. They use structures and frameworks gained during their training to instil and promote a change in culture and companies to become problem solving organisations.

Contact Ian on +353-86-1557000 or ian@bpsolutions.ie to see how you can avail of this highly interactive and tailored to your specific needs training programme.

Programme Objectives

The objective of this programme is to enable all employees to develop their ‘Lean’ skills and become immersed in ‘Lean’ thinking. Learn how they can apply these new skills across the whole organisation and for managers to ensure that these are continuously cascaded to their teams. This programme will enable all staff to instil and promote a change in culture and promote a problem-solving organisation, striving to deliver an exceptional patient experience using ‘Lean’ philosophy, principles and tools in a clinical healthcare environment.

By the end of this yellow belt programme, you will:

  • Be introduced and understand ‘Lean’ and Lean thinking. Understand the Lean methodology, principles of Lean, waste reduction, value creation and always looking to achieve continuous improvement and quality within the organisation
  • Understand how you and your team(s) can use these tools and techniques within your own organisation
  • Enable our leaders to build and develop Lean skills and Lean management techniques and cascade/support their teams
  • Introduce tools and structures that can continually be applied across the organisation.
  • Participate in a culture of continuous improvement through collaboration with colleagues
  • Challenge how/why tasks are completed
  • Use structured root cause analysis techniques to identify action plans and drive process improvements
  • Understand the importance of measuring and delivering core benefits across the organisation that are aligned to strategic targets
  • Celebrate success and help share best practice through the use of A3 Storyboards

Course Duration

This programme will be delivered over an agreed period of time by way of 2 days training.

Course Outline

  • The trainer for the programme will be Ian Gourlay
  • Training for this module will be 100% classroom instruction
  • Total nett training programme time = 2 days
  • Units 1 and 2 are delivered on day 1 and units 3 and 4 are delivered on day 2
    • Unit 1 – Lean thinking, Lean mindset, Lean principles, 8 Wastes.
    • Unit 2 – Value Add, Non-Value Add, Mura, Muri, Muda, Process Mapping, Standard Work, Visual Management.
    • Unit 3 – Problem solving, 8 step problem solving, Root cause analysis, Ishikawa, 5 Whys.
    • Unit 4 – A3 generation, 5s, Ideal state creation, yellow belt assessment

We like to tailor the training to suit organisations own individual needs. To this end, on day 2 we encourage a real life ‘problem/issue’ from the organisation be brought to the session. This enables us to reinforce and build on the theory that we have covered and start to relate that to the workplace. We feel this makes it easier to absorb and apply the new techniques and equally importantly, acts as a springboard to ensure sustainability and ensure Lean is successful and benefits are highly visible.

To further embed the learning. We recommend follow up ‘on site’ mentoring and support to ensure a thorough understanding of the key skills learned during training are applied and sustained in your organisation. Suggested details of this are attached on a separate document.